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November 3, 2015 - 3pm- 6pm

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It has come to the attention of the VLEOA that a bill was filed in Congress on January 14, 2015  - H.R. 343 “Volunteer Emergency Responders Tax Deduction Act” that would allow up to a $6,000 annual charitable deduction from your Tax Return (calculated at $20 per hour of service up to 300 hours per year) for qualified volunteer emergency responders.  The problem is that Law Enforcement Volunteers WERE NOT INCLUDED, it was created to help the volunteer fire, EMT and Search and Rescue services. (read more)

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VLEOA Member Department Featured in Police Chief Magazine

Rosemary DeMenno, VIPS Program Manager, International Association of Chiefs of Police

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Framingham, Massachusetts, Police Department

The Framingham Police Department volunteer auxiliary police program enhances, supplements, and supports the services provided by the police department to the community.

The auxiliary police program is made possible through a dedicated group of about 25 men and women who volunteer their time and energy as auxiliary police officers to help make Framingham a better and safer place to live and work. The auxiliary officers, who are all reserve academy trained, provide approximately 4,000 hours of community service annually.

The auxiliary officers regularly patrol the community to check on critical infrastructure and assist the Framingham police as requested. Auxiliary officers are also active in all community events supporting the department’s community policing efforts.

The auxiliary officers come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations, including electricians, managers, business owners, security professionals, nurses, accountants, and doctors. There are a number of reasons why they have joined and serve with the department, but the primary reason is that they enjoy giving back to the community that they live and work in. For many, the auxiliary police program is a long-term commitment to community service. A number of auxiliary officers have served for more than 10 years, and a few have more than 25 years of service. For other officers, it is an introduction into a law enforcement career.

The auxiliary police program has become a valued source of talent for the agency. During the past two years, the Framingham Police has hired five full-time police officers, as well as a dispatcher and records clerk from the ranks of its auxiliary officers. Read entire story



Nov. 25, 2014

Four new Bossier City Police Department reserve officers were sworn into the ranks during a ceremony that took place Wednesday night, November 19 at the Bossier City Public Safety Training Complex.

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Pictured left to right: Reserve Officer William Townsend, Reserve Officer Todd Brown, Chief Shane McWilliams, Reserve Officer Ryan Napper and Reserve Officer Daniel Zanelotti.

Chief Shane McWilliams issued the oaths of office to each officer marking the completion of their training in the Bossier City Police Department’s Reserve Officers Academy which began in August. The training encompassed three night sessions per week with additional sessions taking place on multiple Saturdays covering such areas as arrest procedure, firearms qualification and survival tactics among other aspect of law enforcement.

Bossier City reserve police officers are members of the community with regular “day jobs” who serve on a volunteer basis and have the same arresting authority as paid officers. They are trained and equipped to supplement and provide professional assistance to the patrol division during emergencies and special events. Reserve officers are also qualified to ride patrol, thus enabling the police department to put addition staffing on the streets at a minimal cost since reserve officers volunteer their services.

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Abintgon Township Police Dept. (PA)
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Chesapeak Sherriff’s Office (VA)
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Coleraine Police Dept. (MN)
Collier County Sheriff's Office (FL)

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